About Me

I’m just a skinny guy in its 20s from Santiago, Chile with a passion for electronics since I was a little kid and a borderline obsession for everything about the Nintendo Famicom (or NES as it’s called outside of Japan). I absolutely love the Internet and I can’t imagine life now without it. This blog is my little way of contributing back to it, since I believe the Internet made me who I am today.

My hobbies include video game collecting (especially retro gaming but not limited to it), modding & hacking of old and contemporary electronics, PC system building, restoration of antique  television sets, computers and video game systems, old school professional video equipment, dumpster diving, flea market hunting and mostly anything that runs on electricity.

Specific to electronics, I have a huge interest in television and analog video signaling, from generation to encoding/decoding and display. My latest obsession is getting every old computer and video game system I own to display RGB quality video. I am just getting into SMD rework with a hot air station and I’m also starting to delve into the world of microcontrollers. Got myself an Arduino Uno development board for experimenting and a general purpose device programmer is on the way.

At the moment I do freelance work building and repairing PCs, running local area networks, TV repair, video game mods and repairs, and the occasional custom project that usually involves oldschool video games (like reproduction game cartridges or custom tailored mods).

I am a very lazy person, combine that with my electronics skills and you get my desire to automate everything around me. Complete home automation is my ultimate dream. I think microcontrollers will be my gateway into that realm.

I mostly listen to Heavy Metal, Power Metal and Chiptune music. I’m not much into movies or books as I’d like to. I spend most of my spare time tinkering with electronics, learning stuff on the Internet (or just goofing off) and playing video games.

Aside from this blog, I have a mildly successful YouTube channel in a very similar style. I also actively participate on Famicom World, RetroGames and JunkRaiders forums.


Happy Hacking!

8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Ryan McCree Says:

    Hi, I’m having trouble locating the AV mod link on the famicom website. Are you able to point me in the right direction?.

    I’m from New Zealand, got a famicom today and having issues with the RF, I can get video working fine but audio is not compaible (there is a low pitch hum). I tested it on a 7″ lcd i purchased from china that has global audio channel frequencies and it worked ok.

    Next logical step is to build in some AV ports I presume? I did the same thing for a Mastersystem 2 from what I can see this seems very similar

  2. A Says:

    Hi. How do we contact you about special projects? I would like to comission something.

  3. Martin Crickett Says:

    Hello there!
    I found your site via a Virtual Boy forum.

    Incredible work, you are a very talented technician!!

    I was wondering if you could give me a small piece of advice?

    I have a dead VB, it’s the voltage regulator. I read that you managed to create your own DIY version with a 7805, a capacitor and a resistor.

    Could you possibly give me a fe pointers to help me with this?

    I’ll easily be able to create it, I just need to know where to connect the resistor and capacitor and what values I would need.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Travis Shire Says:

    I came across your page looking for info on using a std tv for an RGB monitor. I have a Sony flat face CRT tv I plan to use but have uncertainty about the best way to go about it. If you could get with me I can point you to the schemo (online at Eserviceinfo) and my questions will make more sense. This is going to be used with a MAME setup. I have actual arcade monitors ( I was a repair tech in the arcade industry for 20 years) and have it running on one, but the Sony tube/circuitry are really the best for image quality as far as crt displays go. Thanks.

  5. Will Says:


    I came across your videos (parts 1 and 2) of how to rebuild a laptop battery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocnyWmMKbmU and they were fantastic! At the end of the second video, you mentioned a Part 3 (see above link) but I could not find it on your YouTube channel.

    Did you end up making a Part 3? If not… could you do so, please! 🙂

    Or, at least write an article about what content you were going to discuss in that video?

    Also, what are your favourite online stores for buying batteries?



  6. Francisco Says:

    Hola, ojalá puedas ver mi blog de family game:
    saludos desde México!

  7. Manuel Says:

    Hola, acabo de leer un post tuyo sobre famiclones. Exactamente este. http://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=3015.120
    Tuve de niño exactamente el mismo modelo hasta con los mismos juegos incorporados y hace tiempo estuvo guardando polvo pero veo que aún funciona. Estoy interesado en lo retro y coleccionismo desde hace unos meses y estoy aprendiendo gracias a la internet sobre los clones. Me interesa saber exactamente qué diferencias o problemas tiene el mismo exacto modelo de ese post (Computer video game), me gustaría que me digas qué es lo que tiene de malo su sonido (nunca lo he probado con el Castlevania III que comentan) y más sobre compatibilidades, al menos hasta que me consiga una nes genuina. Ojalá me puedas responder, por e-mail. Saludos y Feliz Navidad!!!

  8. José Miguel Alvial Says:

    Hi there, i’m wondering if you’re still around. My name is José Miguel, i’m from Santiago but live un Quintero. I’m a huge fan of your project with the nex tv, it’s just mind blowing. Id like to ask you if you think a similar trick can be made to a sony crt 32inch. Any leads? I also have a nice samsung 27 crt. Both of my tubes can take component vídeo. I hope get an asnwer from you. Thank you much 133. Peace out.

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